Sunday, August 17, 2008

inter (between, among)

Today's prefix comes from the Latin word inter meaning between or among. The Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary has three pages of words beginning with inter. Here are some of them:

inter alia (adverb) - among other things

intercede (verb) - intervene on behalf of another person.

interchange (verb) - to exchange things with each other, or to put each of two things in the other's place. The associated adjective is interchangeable, which means two items can be interchanged without affecting the way the things work. For example, "These pieces are interchangeable".

interject (verb) - to utter words abrubtly in speech; to intterupt or to heckle. An interjection (noun) is a sudden exclamation in speech as "You don't say!" or "My Goodness!".

interpersonal (adjective) - between two persons. For example, "She has very good interpersonal skills".

interstice (noun) - an intervening space, or a chink or crevice.

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